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January 12th

Feeling much better today I returned to work. I'd seen a Woodcock along the lane as I walked the dog but nothing else to note. Lady Luck must have been smiling down on me as I drove through Norwich for as I approached the junction for the small retail park along Koblenz Avenue a lone bird perched in a bare roadside tree drew my attention. It was a Waxwing which quite surprised me as they have been rather scarce in the UK this winter. The lights changed and I drove off, pleased with my sighting. I phoned Rare Bird Alert with the news, for I knew that local birders would be keen to see it, and later found out that it had been independently found by another birder as he headed to Morrisons. I also heard that whilst in Morrisons he bought a bag of apples which he placed on the ground for it and some Redwings to feed on in the hope that it may stick around for a while.

Waxwing, North Walsham 2009 - Bob Cobbold

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