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May 6th

Quite a while after dark last night I went outside to check on the sheds and make sure all was well before turning in for the night. Whilst out I heard the unmistakable calling of a small party of 'seven whistlers', much more commonly known to present day birders as Whimbrel. I have no idea how many birds were present but they fell silent. After a couple of minutes or so the calling continued and it was apparent that they were flying north, probably not to make landfall for several more hours.

I did my bit mid-morning and went to the Wenn Evans Centre to put a cross in a box, as opposed to a tick which, until near the year end, I do on a much more regular basis. On my return a Falcon was soaring quite low over the garden and when it moved away from the sun I could see it was a Hobby, my first this year. It moved off to the south and out of sight, but whilst passing not one House Martin gave an alarm call, as they often do. They must have been happy that on this occasion the Hobby wasn't up for hunting.

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